Monthly Archives: May 2022

Battle of the Banned Books: The author of a book on the “to destroy” list visits Rapid City

RAPID CITY, SD — Earlier this month, five books were placed on Rapid City-area schools’ list of surplus property to be destroyed. In a statement, the district said it was because the books contained “explicit and inappropriate sexual content.” Those who oppose it say it is a group of people …

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The Harry Potter book with the worst film adaptation according to fans

In a “Harry Potter” Reddit thread, u/BoneyRL ranked “Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince” as the worst film adaptation, citing its “disappointing” storytelling. Other users concurred with this assessment, condemning the film for its truncated narrative. Like u/Genealogy-1 wrote: “I agree, the best are the ones where they really stick …

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The A1 Tutor app for all secondary and A-level students

Have you always wanted to prepare for the baccalaureate without going to a physical lesson? Need to keep your wards and kids studying without having to carry physical books? The A1 Tutor app may be available to resolve these issues. Tutor A1 is a learning platform for secondary and A-level …

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