25 of the most prolific film producers of the 20th century

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25 of the most prolific film producers of the 20th century

The average moviegoer could be forgiven for not being able to name the producer of any given film, while still being able to rattle off the name of every actor and actress who starred in it. While actors are often the most visible creators in cinema, it’s the producers who get the financing who often have the most creative control. The studio head or executive producer most often has the power to greenlight films for production, and additionally, in many cases, influences casting, selects filming locations, and helps choose the director.

giggster researched the most prolific film producers of the 20th century and highlighted 25 of them with at least 10 feature films to their name over a 25-year period from 1900 to 1999. To count, the film had to credit the producer as as producer or producer and executive producer.

Many of the producers on our list got their start in the early 20th century, when the studio system in Hollywood was still a fledgling industry. While the demographics have started to shift in recent years, the film industry has always been populated mostly by white males with tremendous control over the movies that are made. Therefore, it is less than surprising that this list reflects this inequity, especially at the beginning of the 20th century. Of particular note is that producer-director Spike Lee is the only black person on this list, while Kathleen Kennedy is the only woman. While Hollywood’s history is one of spectacle and technological and visual expansion, it also reflects a long-standing, but thankfully now fractured, trend of keeping women and minorities out of positions of power.

Read on for our list of the most influential and prolific producers of the 20th century, an influential period that consolidated film genres, expanded and evolved visual storytelling, and served as a model for the types of films made. for popular audiences in this century. .

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