Movie Review: Chitrakut by Troy Ribeiro

All five protagonists are all-natural and do a great job playing their characters effectively, discovering new feelings, and extensively exploring their emotional and psychological transformations on their own.

The characters are well etched with defined arcs, thus making their lives interesting. Their affairs begin in a down-to-earth, if not the most memorable romantic way, trying to understand each other as they walk and talk, laugh and flirt, stopping every now and then for a low-key interlude under the impeccably laundered sheets. .

The slow, steady, and even keel-moving plot unfolds smoothly in a fascinating way, and the visuals mesmerize you, especially in the final act. Cinematographer Hardeep Sachdev’s wide lens artistically captures locations with sweeping views of the landscape and, at the same time, painstakingly captures the emotions of the characters with aplomb. The excellent background score enhances the viewing experience. For the Goans there is a moving number from Lorna Cordeiro’s repertoire that would make them nostalgic and for the rest there is an equally moving number – ‘Maan Le’ by Arijit Singh that will touch your hearts.

Overall, the film is sober and sometimes fascinating. For an indie film made on a low budget, the film is off to a brilliant start, more so than the directing, it’s the writing that deserves special mention.

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