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Panaji: Most of our country’s history is Western propaganda forced upon us. Veer Savarkar is an unsung hero of Indian freedom struggle but part of the population has only been spreading lies, lies and hatred against him. The Goa government will reprint Savarkar’s books and distribute them to libraries in Goa, Chief Minister Pramod Sawant said at the closing ceremony of a literature festival in Goa on Sunday.
“Veer Savarkar was an unsung hero, who fought the British regime, faced the most brutal punishment. The Government of Goa will make it a point to reprint Savarkar’s books ‘1857 Che Swatantra Samar’ and ‘Gomantak’ on an immediate basis and circulate these books to all libraries in Goa,” Sawant said.
He added that books by author Vikram Sampath, who was at KLF, will also be distributed.
Savarkar’s book ‘Gomantak’ is about the plight of Goans under Portuguese colonial oppression, Sawant said. Goa has always been an integral part of India despite being under Portuguese rule for more than four centuries, the CM said.
He said that while history should be an independent depiction of events of the past, it was not.
“History should be based on facts, not opinions. Unfortunately, in our country, the story that was forced upon us was the propaganda of the West and what they thought of us. They thought we were a country of snake charmers, they thought we were a country of poor people. But my question is, did they invade us because we were poor? The answer is definitely ‘no’,” Sawant said.
The first person to challenge this vicious propaganda was Savarkar, the chief minister said.
“As Indians, we have largely failed to recognize the life and work of this glorious patriot,” he said.
Sawant said that Savarkar through his book ‘1857 Che Swatantra Samar’ challenged the might of the British Empire.
“This book lit the flame of patriotism in many young people and the British regime banned this book. Luckily only one copy of this book was registered with a Goan and that helped get it reprinted,” Sawant said.
The CM said Savarkar also emphasized the importance of being “swayampurna” and started by coining parallel Indian words like “mahapovor” to replace English words like “mayor”.
Sawant also invited the founder of KLF, Sumant Batra, to permanently organize the literary festival in Goa.

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