Enola Holmes 2 Post-Credits Scene Fixes Books Canon

Instead, he is greeted by a potential new housemate who introduces himself as Dr. John Watson. This Watson is played by Himesh Patel, who you might recognize in station eleven or the alternate universe movie of The Beatles, Yesterday. Either way, it seems like if there’s ever a third Enola Holmes movie, Sherlock will be joined by Patel’s version of Watson, who either way you slice it, is a brilliant cast.

New Dr. Watson realigns Enola Holmes with Doyle and Springer

A curious thing about the two Enola Holmes movies is the question of How? ‘Or’ What Enola reads about the exploits of her famous brother. In the original Conan Doyle Holmes universe, Sherlock’s fame is linked to Dr. Watson’s publication of non-fiction stories of their adventures in The Strand Magazine, which reflected the actual publications of Holmes’ stories in the UK. But in both Enola movies, the youngest brother Holmes reads about Sherlock’s exploits in the newspaper.

That’s all well and good, but we have to imagine that short news stories about solving Sherlock cases didn’t have enough the same impact as Watson’s whimsical short memoirs.

But, now that Watson exists in the Enola Holmes film canon, some of Sherlock’s future legacy may start to make more sense. In addition to that, it also retroactively renders both Enola Holmes prequel films alongside most of the canonical Holmes stories, other than those Sherlock tells Watson (such as “The Gloria Scott”.) Because Enola Holmes 2 seems to take place in 1885, the timeline is a bit wonky here. Although A study in scarlet was published in 1887, it takes place in 1881. Yet, if the Enolathe verse puts A study in scarlet (the first great Watson adventure) in 1887 instead of 1881, it works perfectly.

Also while there is no Again been an announcement that Henry Cavill and Himesh Patel will be getting a Netflix spin-off movie, it’s easy for audiences to imagine this version of Holmes and Watson teaming up and now embarking on adventures similar to those chronicled in the 56 short stories and four Doyle novels. But the introduction of Watson also opens up the possibility of a hypothetical Enola Holmes 3 in a big way.

The case of the bizarre bouquets is very Watson-centric

Enola Holmes 2 is a very, very loose adaptation of Springer’s second book, The case of the left-handed woman, although it differs a bit with its intersections in the real story. That said, the next book in the series, The case of the bizarre bouquets was basically set up perfectly by that post-credits scene in Enola Holmes 2. This third Enola book begins with Dr. Watson locked away in an insane asylum, desperately seeking help from the outside world, including Enola.

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