Paddington Bear reprises his lead role in Barbour’s Christmas film

There is nothing more quintessentially British than Paddington Bear. Loved by children and adults alike, the friendly, big-hearted Peruvian teddy bear has even transcended literature and film this year to become an unlikely royal mascot after the death of Queen Elizabeth II.

In reality, 91% of the UK public have heard of Paddingtonwhich means he has more name recognition than Harry Potter.

Now, after a successful start in 2021, Paddington reprized his starring role in Barbour’s Christmas advert, which focuses on sustainable and thoughtful Christmas gifts.

In line with the luxury apparel and lifestyle brand’s focus on sustainable products, the ad promotes Barbour’s ‘Wax for Life’ promise and ‘Re-Loved’ circularity initiative which allows customers to exchange one of its old classic wax jackets for a voucher.

Barbour cleans, re-waxes and repairs the jacket, extending its life cycle. This means no two re-loved jackets are the same, making each one unique.

The animated spot shows Paddington’s quest to find a present for his misunderstood and sometimes grumpy neighbor Mr Curry. The bear mulls over a few options in London’s famous Portobello Market with his adoptive family, Mrs Brown and Judy, including a marmalade sandwich (his favourite).

Paddington then comes across a Barbour window where a sign reads: “Unique Re-Loved Jackets”, deciding that it will be fine since there is no one like Mr. Curry. He then delivers the jacket, breaking the door knocker in the process.

However, the peppery recipient quickly warms up when he reads the note accompanying Paddington’s gift, stating “This jacket is one of a kind, just like you.”

Captions for this video have not yet been made available to Adweek.Barbour/P&Co Ltd

“Extending the life of our garments has been at the heart of our brand for over 100 years and thanks to Barbour ‘Re-Loved’, a key part of our ‘Wax for Life’ initiative, we have been able to demonstrate in a humorous and sentimental way, the importance of upcycling and how much a thoughtful and unique gift can mean especially at Christmas,” said Paul Wilkinson, Group Marketing Director and US Managing Director at Barbour.

Each year, approximately 60,000 Barbour wax jackets returned to Barbour’s rewaxing and repair service worldwidethe brand claiming that customers rely on its products to last a long time.

To support the campaign, Barbour is launching a limited edition jacket with a unique lining taken from an image from this year’s Christmas film, each item will be recycled and unique.

Collection wax jackets for men and women, the Bedale and Beadnell, will also be available with a special Paddington lining.

The hand-painted 2D animation was created by acclaimed filmmaking trio Againstallodds and produced by Passion Pictures, bringing original illustrator Peggy Fortnum’s signature style to life.

Each frame in the animation was drawn and painted by hand with over 3,000 hours of work put into designing, animating and compositing the final film to ensure that the blue duffle coat and battered suitcase of Paddington are perfect.

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