Special mention for Manorama’s digital book on MT

Kottayam: A Digital Book published by Manorama Books received a Special Mention for Best Film Book at the 68th National Film Awards announced on Friday. The work “MT—Anubhavaganlude Pusthakam” which gives a comprehensive and meaningful account of the colorful literary life of writer MT Vasudevan Nair was designed by the late Anoop Ramakrishnan who was the design coordinator of Malayala Manorama.

Anoop, who had shared a perfect mental rapport with MT, designed the book in digital format. It captures MT’s literary career spanning over five decades.

Odia’s book “Kali Paine Kalira Cinema” also won a special mention.

“MT – Anubhavaganlude Pusthakam” can undoubtedly be considered the first multimedia book in Malayalam. This is an abridged version of “MT-yude Lokangal” DVD collection, which was previously released by “Malayala Manorama” in book form.

Anoop Ramakrishan, from “Sarovaram” in Pavangad in Kozhikode, died on December 7, 2021 at the age of 52. He was the son of Puthenveettil Ramakrishnan and Meera Anoop.

Innovative work

The book is known for its innovative efforts. The novelty is seen everywhere, from the bold decision not to use the image of MT Vasudevan Nair, a person who has touched the heights of fame, as the frontispiece of the cover page. A portrait that serves as the background for the film “Kadavu” written and directed by MT, found its expression in the cover page. Strikingly enough, the focus of the cover page design was on the two alphabets of the epithet, MT. These bold and innovative initiatives have added a particular beauty to the multimedia book.

The content of the book is divided into three parts. The unique multimedia experience created by combining sound and visuals with the beauty of the written part gives you a whole new feeling.

The first part contains excerpts from interviews held by famous personalities with MT on different occasions. In this segment, approximately 271 people, including film and literary personalities, as well as his close friends and relatives, share their deep personal memories of this literary giant. The recollection of special moments with MT by people from diverse backgrounds such as Sukumar Azhikode, ONV Kurup, Adoor Gopalakrishnan, Mammotty, Mohanlal and Mehaboob Koodallur highlights the creative and personal areas of MT’s eventful life. The specialty of this segment is the provision of readers to hear these personalities, using a QR code.

The second segment titled “Dialogues” covers the written format of interviews conducted by three personalities: Mammootty, who made many MT characters memorable on the silver screen; The artist Namboothiri, who has drawn many portraits in periodicals and magazines covering many realistic situations from MT’s novels and stories; and Ashwathi Sreekant, the youngest daughter and dancer of MT. All three interviews stand out as special because each of them brings out the best in the otherwise introverted MT. The informal nature of the interactions makes it all the more special. Relevant images are also provided with the written text. Links to relevant QR codes for viewing the interviews are also provided.

The third segment contains the scenarios of five short films made on the life of MT. The short films “Oru Kadavinte Katha” and “Nirmalyam – Vishakkatha Daivathinu” portray the stories behind the making of MT’s films “Kadavu” and “Nirmalyam” respectively. The short film “Appunniyude Yathrakal” deals with the very famous novel by MT “Nalukettu”. “Vanaprastha Vazhikal” dives deep into MT’s spiritual journey in Kudajadri which resulted in the writing of the story “Vanaprastham”. “Enganumundo Kandu? is a short film that recounts the story of “Pariyanam”, a film directed by Hariharan from the screenplay by MT.

These scripts for the short films, which were completed after great research work, stand out for their authenticity and touch. Many personalities such as Kamal Haasan and Ajitha participated in shaping these scripts. In addition to reading these scripts and enjoying the accompanying images, a reader can view each of these short films live on their mobile phone, tablet or laptop after scanning the corresponding QR code.

The book, “MT – Anubhavangalude Pusthakam”, has the unique feature of being appealing to all Malayalees who love MT and all who love Malayalam even if they are not able to follow the language.

“MT – Anubhavangalude Pusthakam”

Editing and design: Anoop Ramakrishnan

Publisher: Manorama Books

Pages: 530, Price: Rs 780.

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