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Veteran filmmaker Girish Kasaravalli has won his 15th National Film Award for Documentary, Naadada Navaneeta Dr PT Venkateshkumar. The film was voted best artistic and cultural film in the non-feature film section.

Kasaravalli says: “I was approached by the Department of Information to make this film. When I learned that it was Pandit Venkatesh Kumar, I was delighted because it is an honor to make films about musicians.

The film has him use music and sing a lot. “He’s a classical musician, so I used music differently than in my other films,” says Kasaravalli, adding, “In my feature films, I use music rather than singing. Movies have taken a turn where they use singing in the name of the cinematic experience, but I don’t believe in that. I consider music an important element, but don’t use singing because it affects my storytelling style. .”

Ask the veteran filmmaker what keeps him going, 45 years after his first film, and he replies, “I make films because it’s my way of making a living. I studied cinema at the film institute in a classical and methodical way. This is the reason why I like to make films of a certain genre.

About his acclaimed and award-winning films, Kasaravalli opines, “I think maybe because of my exposure to international, national and local cinema, I understood the cinematic idiom more clearly. I am someone one who likes to read movie reviews and reviews.. it’s something i learned and it’s not just limited to movies but also literature. It probably made me a little more scholarly .

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