FT Weekend: Our summer books and films special

This week is our summer of spectacular books and movies, full of recommendations for things to read and watch. First, Lilah is joined by literary editors Fred Studemann and Laura Battle to explore the FT’s Summer Books special. They suggest a range of light summer reads, sharp non-fiction, deep dives, thrillers and classics to take on your summer vacation, and talk about trends in book publishing. Next, Associate Art Editor Raphael Abraham recommends the best movies to watch this summer. After viewing 24 films in less than a week at the Cannes Film Festival, he’s filtered the new releases into a must-see list.

Tell us about your new favorite books and movies! We will share them with the episode on our social platforms. Email us at [email protected] We are on Twitter @ftweekendpodand Lilah is on Instagram and Twitter @lilahrap.

Links and mentions of the episode:

Here’s Laura’s list of the best fiction summer reads: https://on.ft.com/3AvtuPg. The whole summer book special is at http://ft.com/summerbooks.

Books cited:

–Audio books: bad actors by Mick Herron and Ulysses by James Joyce

–Novels that span centuries: In Paradise by Hanya Yanagihara and sea ​​of ​​tranquility by Emily St. John Mandel

–Range read: You made a fool of death with your beauty by Akwaeke Emezi

– Fun non-fiction: Circus of Dreams by John Walsh

–Books of the Empire: Legacy of Violence by Caroline Elkin and In the shadow of the gods by Dominic Lieven

–BRussian influence: Putin’s People by Catherine Belton and world butler by Oliver Bullough

–AI simulation: The anomaly by Hervé Le Tellier

Stories Mentioned:

–Marriage in all its divine boredom: https://on.ft.com/3KXOBfm

–Edward Luce on whether America is headed for another civil war: https://on.ft.com/3yJ43az

–Fred’s BookTok column: https://on.ft.com/3GEC5Ad

Films to see this summer, by Raph:

–After-sun: https://on.ft.com/3uUt9lJ

–Nitram: https://on.ft.com/3auhgvs

-Take the road


–Three thousand years of nostalgia: https://on.ft.com/3nMshLK

–Elvis: https://on.ft.com/3P1Uaeu


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