Andy Serkis directs film adaptation of George Orwell’s Animal Farm

Actor, director and producer Andy Serkis is set for a new challenge, as it has been announced that he will helm a new animated adaptation of George Orwell’s dystopian classic, farm animal.

First published in 1945, farm animal is a satirical fable that predates Orwell’s best-known work, One thousand nine hundred and eighty four, written by the author with the aim of depicting the horrors of the Soviet Union under Stalin and its experiences during the Spanish Civil War. The short story was first adapted for film in 1954, and although it bombarded considerably from a commercial standpoint, the book and novel quickly became cultural symbols for denouncing authoritarianism alike. . 1984 did.


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Serkis’ new project will see the actor’s own production company, The Imaginarium, work alongside Aniventure and Cinesite to bring to life the new script written by Nicholas Stoller, who said the story “remains relevant and a key instrument for understanding how the world works.” Serkis himself told Deadline that he wanted to create his version of Orwell’s “ever-relevant masterpiece that is emotionally powerful, humorous and accessible to all ages” Serkis called the screenplay and book extraordinary stories that both men want to bring to modern audiences.

Farm animals pigs and dogs 1954

Serkis’ last film with directing credits was Venom: let there be carnageSony’s latest hit Spider Man spin-off film, and he also played Alfred in The Batman. His company, on the other hand, produced animated television shows such as Death and the Nightingalesby Netflix half bad and The ritualas well as Taika Waititi’s upcoming soccer-themed comedy The next goal wins. Although no casting announcements have been made so far, it wouldn’t be at all surprising to see Serkis lend his voice to certain characters in his own movie.

Serkis and Stoller’s words are likely to hit home in today’s world, as it’s estimated that more than half the world’s population still lives under authoritarian regimes like China, where films like fantastic beasts or fight club are rendered virtually useless due to censorship. farm animal got a more recent direct-to-TV live-action adaptation in 1999, though substantial changes to the plot and its lack of appeal to children make it a very inferior film, even despite the voice acting of big names like Sir Patrick Stewart, Julia Louis -Dreyfus and Kelsey Grammer, among others.

farm animalThe cultural influence of extends beyond cinema and literature, since even the legendary English rock group Pink Floyd composed an entire album, Animals, inspired by the work of Orwell, and the mean pig remains a staple stage prop for Roger Waters to this day. For those curious about what Serkis has in store, the original farm animal The film is suitable for all ages and the book is still considered one of the most important novels written in English.

farm animal is currently in production.

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Source: Deadline

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