Why I will never watch a Marvel movie

Indeed, the lack of originality is a major concern. Much of the culture seems to be about the hegemony of the few right now – a small number of pop stars dominate the field; we get endless runs of certain TV dramas – but cinema, with the Marvel franchises, seems the most glaring example. Aren’t we all at risk of getting bored? And won’t it also make us take less risk on what we watch?

There is also the problem of making us exist, as spectators, in a sort of suspended state of adolescence. Marvel isn’t for adults (and, of course, a lot of people end up hooked after watching with their kids). The idea that they should be given any intellectual weight (despite the deadly seriousness with which they are marketed) is slightly ridiculous and, I am sure, a sign of the increased infantilization of our society.

Before you write to say that I am a chronic snob, I must point out that this is not an argument about intellectuals and intellectuals. Populist culture is incredibly important and, yes, can sometimes make great art. Think of the original Matrix movie – a fine example of a blockbuster that simultaneously entertained and informed you. No review I’ve read, or dreary conversation I’ve had, has convinced me that’s the case with the Marvel Cinematic Universe™.

And so, I’m going to continue with my one-man boycott. Please come join me…before you get sucked too.

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