The Schofield event offers books and a haircut to the student body

May 4 – Haircuts and hundreds of free books were part of the action this week at Schofield Middle School, in a one-of-a-kind event for the entire student body.

“Kids…buy books,” said seventh-grader Allen Cummings, an honor student who was selected to help with Tuesday’s event. “Whatever book they want, they can get it.”

Barber Rico Ryan of Axis Barber Shop was among the visitors, giving haircuts to several students for free or at a reduced rate.

Arrington Weston, a seventh-grade geography teacher, helped guide the festivities, who is also the school’s lead literacy teacher, helping other teachers incorporate literacy into the curriculum.

“It’s really like a goal project — something that I feel like the Lord just put on my heart,” Weston said, as dozens of students went through a variety of college options. paperbacks focusing on everything from science fiction and mythology to sports heroes and classic fiction. .

The idea, Weston said, is “to help our children become literate, or just to build literacy into things, because if we can teach our children to read, then a lot of the issues that we see today will begin to diminish.”

It is hoped the event will become an annual tradition, Weston said. “It’s the first ‘hair and book fair’, but we had another book fair earlier in the year.”

He and Ryan decided to coordinate their efforts. Weston said: “He wanted to give discount haircuts to our college students who couldn’t really afford them, so we… got together and said, ‘Why not have this event? We prayed about it and here we are.”

The hope, he said, is “to foster a love of reading and provide them with a brand new summer reading book for free to take home.”

Weston paid for some of the books and said a $500 grant from Umoja Village, a local nonprofit, helped pave the way for the giveaway, which included about 200 books distributed on Tuesday and a similar amount that should be distributed on Wednesday.

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