Watch an 8-part film adaptation of Tolstoy’s Anna Karenina for free online

Earlier this week we featured Sergei Bondarchuk’s four-part film adaptation of Leo Tolstoy War and peace. You can watch the most ambitious of all film versions of War and Peace for free online at Mosfilm Youtube channel, the national studio of the Soviet Union. Although the USSR left, Mosfilm did not. Under filmmaker Karen Shakhnazarov, the studio remained a quasi-private production company and released a variety of films, many of which are steeped in Russian history and literature. Five years ago, Shakhnazarov himself made a eight-part adaptation of another beloved Tolstoy novel, Anna Karenina.

War and peace (see here) has been made into four different films. But that’s nothing compared to the at least seventeen Anna Karenina films that exist, not counting that of Shakhnazarov. It was first released in a relatively short cut, its runtime truncated to just over two and a half hours, as Anna Karenina: The Vronsky Story.

This version’s narrative focused, as you might have guessed, on the life of Anna’s irresistible aristocratic lover. Later, Russia-1 television broadcast Shakhnazarov’s work in its entirety as an eight-episode series titled simply Anna Kareninawhich you can now watch free online, in full, on Mosfilm’s Youtube channel. Stream all parts above.

In a sense, this series format is well suited to Tolstoy novel, originally published as it was in installments between 1875 and 1877. But even those who have read Anna KareninaThe author’s thousands of pages will have endless reason to be surprised by Shakhnazarov’s version, which takes the story of family, class, infidelity, faith and feudalism in which are specific to him. It also incorporates material from outside Tolstoy’s work, such as “During the Japanese War” and “Stories of the Japanese War” by Vikenty Veresaev, a Tolstoy physician, writer, and scholar who participated in the Russo-Japanese War of 1904. Like any “free adaptation”, Shakhnazarov’s version of Anna Kareninawill direct its viewers to the book – and make sure they never read it quite the same way again.

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