The Los Angeles Times Festival of Books 2022 presents The Argument

Author Kenneth Michael Plaisance tackles exciting issues around DNA testing, child support and feminism in his book: The Argument

Injustice everywhere is a threat to justice everywhere.

– Martin Luther King Jr.

LOS ANGELES, CALIFORNIA, USA, April 14, 2022 / — The world of literature isn’t just about repetitive stories and themes. In fact, there has been a fascinating romance between the lines of law and fiction as more lawyers try to write facts that need to be explored by the legal community. Kenneth Michael Plaisance’s The Argument is the perfect example of a literature whose plots depict the fumbling moral context of the law.

This sobering book foreshadows the life of the main character, attorney Kenneth Starr, as he tackles the subject of DNA and child support issues. Her passionate and dedicated quest to challenge these issues began when her client, a DNA expert, uncovered false child support DNA reports against men across the United States. Her client asks for help from the Department of Justice under the Misrepresentation Act, only to be shut down by the head of the Department of Justice, who happens to be a dominant lesbian feminist. She deliberately hid the file. Coincidentally, the client was found dead the next day.

Kenneth then takes readers into battle to challenge the lack of calibration of the instrument used in DNA testing, which has created false positives to prove paternity of a child. In addition to the relevant topics of DNA testing and child support, the author also addresses the issue of feminism in cases of male enslavement and imprisonment for non-payment of child support, men and women dominating the seats of government. This book is written in the hope of provoking thought and discussion; the author adds a small taste of steamy sex scenes for entertainment, while educating the layman and even lawyers.

If you are a father deprived of your privacy rights to your child, if you are someone who has no say in unfair and forced obligations, or if you are simply a citizen who cries out against the horror of injustice, this book is perfect for you.

Kenneth Michael Plaisance is a proud father of three and a personal injury attorney practicing in Louisiana, Texas. He is also admitted to practice on the Supreme Court of the United States; has litigated discrimination and retaliation cases and handled federal, state and municipal civil service appeals. Kenneth holds a master’s degree in employment law and currently practices in his hometown of New Orleans. His 29+ year legal career led him to his true passion for writing. Although he is the author of a poem titled Seriously and Deliriously Love with You, The Argument is his first attempt at writing as the author of a novel. This novel is a combination of law, poetry and steamy eroticism.

The Argument
Written by: Kenneth Michael Plaisance
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