Ram Gidoomal, a British Asian refugee, writes his memoirs

A surprise family party to celebrate his 70th birthday sparked the idea of ​​a memory in which UK-based Ram Gidoomal traces his journey from Indian migrant to successful entrepreneur.

“My Silk Road: The Adventures and Struggles of a British Asian Refugee” was published by Pippa Rann Books and Media UK and distributed in India by Random penguin house.

Born into a migrant Indian family of silk traders who fled British India during partition, Gidoomal’s early life in the Kenyan coastal city of Mombasa seemed charmed by wealth and success.

However, losing all of that overnight through a second deportation this time from Kenya to the UK, he saw the course of his life change beyond acknowledgement.

Cover of Ram Gidoomal’s memoir (Source: Ram Gidoomal/Twitter)

Although his dreams and plans were snatched from him, Gidoomal worked tirelessly, struggling to overcome all obstacles, and eventually managed to regain wealth and reputation.

However, in his late thirties, an unusual day trip to Mumbai changed his life forever, transforming him from someone who enriches himself and his shareholders to someone who enriches the world. And this time, change was his choice.

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Aiming to encourage those who are struggling to move forward in life, Gidoomal shares stories that demonstrate the difference made by a positive attitude, by a spirit of generosity and by prioritizing relationships. Through it all, he shares the secrets of a life that combines deep compassion with success, a generous life that reaps unexpected rewards.

Starting from scratch, Gidoomal built a successful career in business and was firmly on the path to prosperity and fortune.

The idea for this book was born during the celebration of his 70th birthday. It was in December 2020 and at the height of the confinement due to the Covid.

“Amazed by seeing a video full of wishes from relatives my family had never known or met, I decided to draw up a family tree that extends beyond my grandfather’s line, how the family overcame the challenges of being twice a migrant and what it took to rebuild our lives, to reach our old level of prosperity. With each name, memories and stories came flooding back,” he says.

The result of this exercise is the memoir “The Silk Road”.

“During my life there have been roads I have not chosen, others I have chosen. But whether or not we have chosen the path we follow, we can always choose how we go. As for me, I chose to simplify my way of life, to find another path, one that ironically led me to riches worth more than I could have imagined.

“A road where the obstacles were numerous but never insurmountable. A road of compassion that left me with a peaceful heart. A road that took me far but took me where I belonged. My chosen path. My Silk Road,” he wrote.

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