Moms for Liberty wants 14 more books removed from school libraries | New

The local branch of the activist band Moms for Freedom apply to Fauquier County Public Schoolher pull out school Ilibrary shelves 14 more books that the group considers too sexually explicit or violent for all student read.

Three mothers are asking Kettle Run High School to remove three books from the school library they have…

“BookLooks,” a book review site that Moms for Liberty and other similar groups use to determine if books are suitable for teens, gives “O…

All the titles are at Kettle Run High School, but some are also at Liberty, Fauquier and Southeastern high schools. Two of the tracks, “Looking for Alaska”, by John Greene is in the library of Marshall Middle School; “Eleanor and Park” by Rainbow Rowell is on the library shelves at Warrenton Intermediate school. All books will remain in school libraries for in the school exams are In progress.

Natalie Erdossy, vice president of Moms for Liberty of Fauquier, speaks during citizen time at the August 22 school board meeting.

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