‘Greatest Storyteller’ Books Everyone Should Read on World Book Day

ANNIVERSARY OF THE DEATH OF SATYAJIT RAY: One of the greatest storytellers on Indian soil who had perhaps done it all, Satyajit Ray was also an extremely gifted author. Its name is accompanied by prefixes composed of several hyphens. A filmmaker at heart, he offered supreme storytelling in his stories as an author. April 23 also marks UNESCO World Book and Copyright Day. On the anniversary of Satyajit Ray’s death, take a look at some of his best books that are even adapted into Ray, a Netflix anthology series about him.


One of Satyajit Ray’s best books, a collection of short stories titled Indigo is about ordinary people taking over larger-than-life and overwhelming circumstances. Unprecedented scenarios, supernatural themes mixed with adventure make Indigo one of the books that lives forever. The presentation of the stories is unparalleled as none of the stories are alike.

Bonkubabur Bondhu

A not so popular interest of Manikda was his interest in the field of science fiction. He wrote Bonkubabur Bondhu for his grandfather Upendra Kishore Ray’s Sandesh magazine. In 1913, he imagined a world where extraterrestrials from outer space would have supernatural powers on earth.

Feluda Samagra

Feluda Samagra by Satyajit Ray is a gem. It is safe to say that this is one of the things you need to know if you are a Bengali or a literature lover. The late actor Soumitra Chatterjee played the role in the Feluda film series with such brilliance that he lived on forever throughout all eternity. It is believed that Feluda was only written for Chatterjee.

Small snippets of Feluda’s story such as his address, 21 Rajani Sen Road, Ballygunge, Kolkata, his way of calling his nephew and story narrator Topshe, his cigarette, Charminar, are considered huge pop culture references, even today.

Children’s Days

Childhood Days was Satyajit Ray’s own story, his memoir. In it, he assumed his life with humor, understanding and affection. He talked about his years in Calcutta and how it shaped his spirit which conquered the world with genius art.

Some of the books that talked about the creative genius that was Ray were:

  1. Professor Shōku
  2. Our films, their films
  3. My years with Apu
  4. The Unicorn Expedition and Other Fantastic Tales from India

Apart from gaining international popularity and spotlight via his films, most of his writings are classics that are remembered till this date.

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