Focus on the Nepalese film industry

In Nepal, there is only a handful of extant literature regarding the arts and specifically cinema. Jiwan Parajuli, who has worked as an arts and entertainment journalist for 14 years, adds one more to the list by publishing his book titled “Close-up”.

Prajuli’s “Close-up” gives us an insider’s perspective on how the Nepalese film industry was born and how it has evolved over the years. After having conversations with 61 people affiliated with the film industry, Parajuli included their struggles as emerging artists of their time in the book and simultaneously drew inspiration from their struggles in the industry over the years.

“As a journalist, when I was looking for information related to the entertainment industry, there was not a single book that I could refer to. To archive all that remains of history and give authentic data on the existing Nepali film industry, I saw the need to write this book,” says Parajuli.

Covering a range of issues from the perspective of people in the film industry, the book discusses the similarities between Nepalese films and Indian films, the industry’s struggle to navigate state law, early female directors of Nepal and songs used in movies etc. on. This book is said to be the first in its series that sheds light on the history of the industry.

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