Florence Festival Books Bring Hundreds of Bibliophiles to the Oregon Coast in September

Florence Festival Books Bring Hundreds of Bibliophiles to the Oregon Coast in September

Posted 8/18/22 4:48 PM PST
By the staff of the Oregon Coast Beach Connection

(Florence, Oregon) – For 11 years now, bibliophiles of all kinds have flocked to Oregon’s central coast, checking out the latest book releases with the Florence Book Festival. Authors, publishers and some fifty exhibits make up this stellar exhibition of the world of writing, which will recur on September 24 at the Florence Events Center. (Above: just north of Florence. Photo Oregon Coast Beach Connection)

Launched in 2011, the festival regularly attracts nationally known writers, publishers and readers, usually a two-day affair that brings together up to 500 people from across the region and country. This time around, the Oregon Coast Festival of Words has changed to fit a single day. However, this year a special look at eBook writing and publishing has been added, along with a dedication to outgoing President and Founder Judy Fleagle.

The Florence Book Festival attracts authors looking for publishers as well as publishers looking for their next big hit on the book shelves. You’ll find expert panelists, a keynote address from a renowned author, and a nearly 8,000 square foot venue with a 450-seat theatre. It all translates to up to 50 exhibits in an Oregon Coast favorite for bibliophiles that’s free.

All events are open and free to the general public on Saturday September 24, 2022.
• 9:00 a.m. – 10:00 a.m. Round table (topic: e-books)
• 10 a.m. to 4 p.m. Book Fair with 60 to 65 participating authors and publishers with their books
• 4:15 pm Keynote speaker, William (Bill) Sullivan, author of DB Cooper and the Exploding Whale: Folk Heroes of the NW.

Author William L. Sullivan is a big name on the Oregon Coast and the Pacific Northwest. His hiking book, 100 Hikes / Travel Guide: Oregon Coast & Coast Range, is like a bible for those who hike the trails in this region.

He is the author of many outdoor guides – more than 20, in fact. Some are also stories and fiction, but all relate in some way to his home state of Oregon.

Sullivan attended Cornell University, where he received a Bachelor of Arts in English. Sullivan then attended the University of Heidelberg, where he studied linguistics for two years. Upon returning from Heidelberg, Sullivan enrolled at the University of Oregon and earned a master’s degree in German literature in 1979.

Quirky moments along the Oregon Coast abound with surprising regularity. It’s not just about pretty and beautiful sand and rock structures – although there’s certainly no shortage of that. Sometimes it’s just in the perception – something you’ve never seen before or at least the ability to notice something out of the ordinary. Others, it’s a moment taken in time.

In an environment where so much is changing from minute to minute, hour to hour, there is always something to note.

Oregon Coast right now: Depoe Bay at dusk, August 24. Between the canal lights, the streetlights, the traffic on the bridge, the blurry passers-by, and the varying colors of the buildings, twilight can make the city look a bit like a bunch of Christmas lights.

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