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A family secret he knew nothing about

Mystery books are fun and keep a reader hooked. The generosity of embarking on a crime story and the mission to solve a crime story is a feeling that only thriller lovers can experience. We are talking here about the masterpiece written by John Defelice. His Mystery Series books give you the thrill of solving a mystery in today’s complex thriller setting.

The perfect thriller fiction novel revolves around the main character. Johnny Paul was leading a simple life with a dream of being a professional baseball player and living an ideal life until he found out that his family was spending their lives under a curse because of a hidden dark secret.

Children’s Mystery Books author John has twenty-nine years of experience as a teacher. A resident of Saint Francis Village, Crowley, Texas. John spent nine years working on and finishing his first book, “The Clemente Spell”.

The Sandlot will easily draw viewers into the chaotic world of Johnny Paul, who was thrown into disarray when he discovered his family was cursed due to a dark buried secret. In Historical Mystery Books, John’s passion for becoming an author has come true. He knew he wanted to be an author since fifth grade.

Don’t miss the fun of a good murder thriller story of a horrible hidden secret that Johnny heard about; his family was cursed. He had no idea that events would throw him under the barrel and that his life would take an unexpected turn. John is also working on his new fictional novel, which hints at Christian Mystery Books. Click the link to grab a copy of this remarkable novel that is insightful and descriptive.

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