Daniel Radcliffe recalls man’s ‘toxic’ attitude towards his girlfriend’s favorite books

Daniel Radcliffe has spoken about the “toxic” attitude that leads to making fun of women for enjoying certain genres of film, TV, music or literature.

The actor joined Sandra Bullock for an interview promoting their new movie, the lost city, which stars Bullock as romance writer Loretta Sage who finds herself kidnapped by deranged billionaire Radcliffe.

A scene from the film sees book cover model Alan (Channing Tatum) berate Sage for calling his romance novels “schlock”, reminding him that many fans find his work meaningful.

Bullock called this derogatory real-life attitude “heartbreaking,” and Radcliffe also weighed in on the matter.

“It’s so crazy, what people despise so much, like romantic literature,” said the Harry Potter the star told the Pennsylvania Press Agency.

He recalls a time when he was having drinks with a group of people, when a man made a number of comments dismissing his girlfriend’s reading choices.

“It’s really bad, I shouldn’t tell this story, but I was with a few friends one time and the guy was so disparaging about everything his girlfriend was reading,” Radcliffe said.

“His girlfriend, who is, I know, an infinitely smarter person than him. And I feel like that kind of attitude that permeates things is so toxic.

Radcliffe compared this to how he was made to feel while playing in the Harry Potter franchise: “I didn’t feel cool.”

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“And there were times when I was dressed as a schoolboy when I was 14, so you didn’t necessarily feel cool. And then realizing later how much joy that brought people,” he said. declared.

“It’s something incredibly special. And if you’re doing anything other than being incredibly grateful for it, that’s too bad.

In a recent interview, Radcliffe joked about how he served as the show’s “intimacy coach” for co-stars Bullock and Tatum.

The Lost City hits UK cinemas on April 13.

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