Dakota Johnson of ‘Persuasion’ wishes she could have played this classic movie character

Persuasion Actor Dakota Johnson recently sat down with IMDb for a “burning questions” interview. In it, the star is asked which classic movie character she would most like to play. His response will leave fans begging for a reboot of this beloved classic.

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This Classic Judy Garland Character Is Dakota Johnson’s Dream Role

By responding to IMDbJohnson doesn’t even seem to hesitate: “Dorothy in The Wizard of Oz.The role, of course, was originally played by Judy Garland in the 1939 film adaptation of L. Frank Baum’s classic book, The Wonderful Wizard of Oz.

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Known as one of the best films of all time, the role of Dorothy was one of the first and best feminist roles in film. But the draw for Johnson appears to go beyond the iconic role of Dorothy Gale. “I think I really wanted to go into this world,” the actor said. “I still want to go into this world.”

Dakota Johnson in Netflix Persuasion

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Johnson’s most recent role is that of another of classic literature’s great heroines, Anne Elliot. As the main character of Jane Austen PersuasionElliot is a strong female lead, especially in Netflix’s new adaptation.

After being convinced that her great love, Captain Wentworth, is not worthy of her, Anne gives up on marrying him. She regrets her decision to never love or marry another until Wentworth returns from his Navy duties. As is Jane Austen’s trademark style, the romance suffers several pitfalls and complications, but audiences will no doubt be delighted with the story’s conclusion.

However, many Netflix reviews Persuasion have said that this latest version of Anne Elliot does not do justice to Austen’s original work or Johnson’s abilities. BNC News writes that the new Anne Elliot is “an anti-heroine in empire-waist attire. She’s loud, feisty, seductive, and just as unsympathetic as the rest of her fucking family. One cannot imagine this Anne Elliot ever being pushed around, let alone abused as the de facto servant of the family. So while Johnson may provide an entertaining rom-com style film, it seems many believe Persuasion to be a dud for the talented star.

Dakota Johnson’s upcoming movies

However, there doesn’t seem to be any slowing down for Johnson. While the actor has two new releases currently available (Netflix’s Persuasion and AppleTV+ Cha Cha Real smooth), she also has more projects currently underway.

One of Johnson’s upcoming projects is called Daddio and will see the star actor opposite Sean Penn as a woman who talks about life with her taxi driver (presumably Penn). The other, and by far the more hyped of the two projects, is Johnson’s upcoming journey into Sony’s Spider-verse. Madame Web.

Johnson will lead a cast including father of the bride Isabelle Merced, Euphoria and white lotus starring Sydney Sweeney, and american horror story Emma Roberts. Ghostbusters: Afterlife Celeste O’Conner also plays with Breakup star Adam Scott.

Madame Web is a legendary comic book character who will be a new frontier for the actor, widely known for his dramatic and romantic roles. The actor was outspoken in his enthusiasm for the role, and Johnson reportedly did much of his own stunt work in Madame Web– something that would probably make Dorothy very proud.

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