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Aakanksha N Bhardwaj

Jalandhar, June 20

It was in 1971 when books like Guru Nanak Varta and Miti Dhundh Jagg Chanan Hoya were printed last. Now, these children’s books have been reprinted after a long hiatus of 51 years. Guru Nanak Varta is printed in Hindi and Punjabi, while its English version is named Story of Guru Nanak.

The district language department also received hundreds of copies of these books. According to an official of the language department, these books are intended for children and allow them to learn and know the guru.

According to information, book named Punjab by Mahinder Singh Randhawa, which was last printed 10 years ago in 2012, has also been reprinted.

This isn’t the first time books have been reprinted after a long wait. Earlier in 2017 too, Mahan Koch, a Punjabi encyclopedia, has been printed after years and has brought joy to literature lovers. The encyclopedia was written by Bhai Kahn Singh Nabha. The book is around 1,250 pages and is considered the best guide to the Punjabi language as it contains old maps of India and history related pictures which are otherwise hard to find. According to the writers and ministry officials, all possible Punjabi words and their meanings can be found in this book.

Now, the department also organizes several programs every month, which did not happen before. Recently a Ru-Ba-Ru program was held where an interactive session was held with writer Sarita Sharma and then a kahani darbar was also held where storytellers were invited.

Now, in the upcoming events, the language department is planning to hold a special program on Warish Shah and then on Sawan Kavi Darbar (during monsoon).

Navneet Rai, research officer at the department, said the decision to reprint the books was excellent. “Such books turn out to be a great experience in life,” Rai said. The department has not had a district language officer for many years and the research officer joined last year.

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