‘Baahubali’ was a much bigger movie, ‘Radhe Shyam’ is just a love story: Prabhas

You and the producers at Radhe Shyam were determined to wait and get the movie to theaters no matter how long it took. Are you sure you get Baahubali’s numbers this time?

No no. Baahubali was a much bigger film in terms of size and budget and it was in two parts. Even now the magic of Baahubali lingers. Radhe Shyam is just a love story. Audiences seem to have liked the trailers. They made videos, etc. But please, I’m not aiming to break the records of Baahubali or whatever. I just want the public to come and have fun.

How difficult was it to finish Radhe Shyam during the pandemic?

It was like a small-scale war. Because it’s a retro film, a period drama, the kind we’ve never done before, we had to recreate different eras in different countries. We had to run three times in different countries and stop filming, run back to India. Then, when the pandemic receded, we went back. But I had to come back half way and then go back. So, like I said, it was like going through a whole war. I am grateful to the Italian government and in particular to the Georgian people. They really helped us.

Do you think Baahubali has become a hard benchmark to beat in your career?

It is a reference. It completely changed my life and my career and I’m really grateful for that. My family and my fans are also very happy to Baahubali. Yes it is a reference. But I can’t do that again. I just try to make films that would entertain and hope not to disappoint audiences.

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