Arizona GOP lawmakers want to ban the books, but don’t know which ones

The Republicans who control the Arizona legislature would like to ban certain books.

It’s just that, to determine which books you want to ban, it helps to have read a few books.

You should be able to name the titles in question. You should be able to explain why they should not be allowed in school libraries or classrooms, and what they contain that would have a deleterious effect on students.

Unless you don’t know how.

Unless you actually care.

At all.

Don’t judge a post by its cover

Unless you just want to pass a law that makes watch as if you were protecting parents from evil influencers in public education.

By this you mean (without saying it) … the teachers.

That’s, in essence, all you need to know about House Bill 2495, a Republican-led bill approved along a party vote in the House and now in the Senate.

This is not a bill to protect children.

This is an anti-education bill. An anti-teacher bill.

It’s part of the Arizona Republican Party’s ongoing war on public schools attended by the vast majority of children in the state.

As explained in the Senate’s “fact sheet” for HB2495, the bill “prohibits a public school from referring a student to sexually explicit material or using it in any way, unless the material is either classic literature, early American literature, or required for college credit. and the school obtains parental consent and offers an alternate assignment if parental consent is not obtained. »

What would Atticus Finch think?

No details.

The decision as to which books they talk about seems to rest with the Legislative Assembly, a group of individuals who seem to be willfully ignorant when it comes to authors, books, and the education of schoolchildren.

What would they consider “classic literature” or “old American literature”?

Would “To Kill a Mockingbird” Make the Cut?

“Romeo and Juliet”?

” Dracula ” ?

“The Canterbury Tales?”

How about a whole range of other books by authors that Arizona lawmakers probably have no real reading experience with, like Toni Morrison, Alice Munro, Upton Sinclair, John Steinbeck, Ralph Ellison, Alice Walker, Joseph Heller. Margaret Atwood, George Orwell and so on.

The bill, if approved and signed by Governor Doug Ducey, may not pass the legal appeal.

Geoff Esposito of the Arizona Civil Liberties Union of Arizona said it would be unconstitutional due to content restrictions and the legislature acting as a “censor”.

The real reason for the scam?

Not that it matters.

As I said, this is not a bill to protect children.

It is a bill claiming that something is wrong with public schools.

An anti-teacher bill.

An attempt by the Republican majority in the Legislature to appear to be protecting children from evil influencers.

A scam.

Are lawmakers hoping parents will be unaware of the fuss? Do they hope bills like HB2495 will keep Arizona school children ignorant?

And thus make them more inclined, when the time comes, to vote GOP?

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