Anti-drag contestant wins, DC shelves its first trans movie character, and JoJo Siwa prefers ‘gay’ to ‘lesbian’: This Week in Queer News

There is a Cats reimagining who sets the tone in the queer ballroom world. [Them]


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Let’s approach the elephant in the room. The room in question being that of the Marriott at the Fort Lauderdale airport, occupied this Friday by a meeting of the board of directors of the Florida Board of Medicine. The explicit purpose of the meeting is to ban gender-affirming care in the State of Florida based on no scientific merit and the testimony of known hate groups and conversion therapy advocates including “the expertise” was rejected by several judges. (Check out last week’s newsletter for more on this.)

In the coming weeks, all eyes should be on Florida, as other Republican-run states will likely try to copy the playbook used there. As such, pretty much everything we usually put in our “What happened this week?!” section is likely to happen while you’re reading this (or even after!).

an overwhelming news was also released from Vice pointing out that many of the researchers cited in FL Health’s “report” were unaware that their work was being used in this way and strongly object to Florida’s misrepresentation of their work.

As if that weren’t enough, DeSantis tried to suspend Democratic Hillsborough County prosecutor-elect Andrew Warren because Warren said he wouldn’t enforce abortion bans and condemned efforts to curb abortions. gender-affirming care. DeSantis claims that Warren “puts himself above the law”. DeSantis attempted to appoint a Hillsborough 13th Circuit court judge, Susan Lopez, as Warren’s replacement. For his part, Warren said he’s “not going anywhere” and continues to perform his duties. This situation must therefore be monitored. If you want to know more about Warren, here is a room about him and his career.

As such, we can only offer you things we won this week, because all eyes are on Florida.

The thing(s) we won this week

Good news from Massachusetts: Governor Charlie Baker, despite being a Republican, has signed Massachusetts Law H.5090, which protects both the right to abortion and gender-affirming care. Baker began working with Vice President Harris on bipartisan approaches to protect abortion rights – to the irritation of Republicans in Massachusetts.

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