Most popular comics of 2022 so far

2022 has been a great year for comic book fans. Marvel, DC, Image and more have produced brilliant comics from top creators that have captivated fans in a variety of ways. Sales across the industry are on the rise, and readers have so many choices, they may not know where to dive.

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Predictably, some books quickly eclipsed others, especially in terms of popularity. Captivating fans with each issue, these books quickly took center stage. They have become the topic of many conversations, delivering stories that everyone experiences every month.

ten Nightwing remains a perennial fan favorite

night wing, by writer Tom Taylor and regular artist Bruno Redondo, has impressed readers ever since Taylor and Redondo took over. After the Ric Grayson years, fans just wanted the Nightwing they loved back, and the creative team delivered. Their race proved popular with fans and made night wing one of DC’s most talked about comics once again.

month after month, night wing book. It’s always in conversations about the best DC titles and ranks among the best superhero books to hit the stands. It’s been a thrill ride so far, one that readers won’t want to get off of.

9 Wolverine has consistently topped Marvel’s other solo books

The Amazing Spider-Man is historically Marvel’s most popular solo series, but its latest run has received more infamous than positive reputation. However, there is another popular solo book that Marvel fans love: Wolverine. The best-selling creative team of writer Benjamin Percy and regular artist Adam Kubert has made this one of Marvel’s best-selling solo books since launch.

Digging into Wolverine’s role as Krakoa’s black ops enforcer, Wolverine wowed new and old fans alike. Percy’s Wolverine has been the best character in years, and Kubert is an old hand with old Canucklehead. All of these add up to an amazing solo book.

8 Detective Comics gives readers a new look at Gotham

Detective comics has long focused on presenting different views of Gotham. Writer Ram V and artist Rafael Albuquerque picking up the book with issue #1062 was big news, but even before that writer Mariko Tamaki, Nadia Shammas, Sina Grace and Matthew Rosenberg and artists Ivan Reis, David Lapham, Amancay Nahuelpan and Fernando Blanco were dropping bombs on readers.

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The Batman books will always dominate DC discourse, but ‘detective comics went out of its way to tell different Batman stories than readers were used to, fleshing out the rest of Gotham and its people. V and Albuquerque coming onto the book was just icing on the cake.

seven Saga’s return set the industry on fire

Image Comics has published the greatest books in the indie market for years. Saga, by writer Brian K. Vaughan and artist Fiona Staples, became the publisher’s champion among comic book readers. Its long hiatus, starting in 2018, saddened fans of this sci-fi masterpiece. His return in 2022 fired up readers.

Few books can elicit the response Saga box. Its huge success, fueled by word of mouth rather than outside media – unlike The Walking Dead when it was Image’s reigning title – says a lot about how loved Saga remains.

6 The Flash Reminds Readers Why They Love Wally West

Many consider Wally West to be the greatest Flash, and the flash did everything to prove it. Writer Jeremy Adams and regular artist Fernando Pasarin have done an amazing job giving fans the super fast action they crave, while showing why the West family is the best superhero clan in comics. .

Fans were going to embrace Wally West’s return no matter what, but this book took off like few imagined. the flash continues to gain momentum, enjoying the universal praise it receives.

5 Judgment Day is Marvel’s best event in a long time

Marvel’s cycle of events has produced some great books that book fans would rather forget. Judgment Day, by writer Kieron Gillen and artist Valerio Schiti, seeks to become one of the greats. Unfolding of events of the excellent Gillen Eternals, it chronicles the war between the mutant nation of Krakoa and the Eternals, led by Druig.

Judgment Day don’t miss a beat. The book has only just begun, but fans love it all. That’s pretty rare with modern Marvel event books. Judgment Day also includes some of the best linking problems of all time. Gillen has been ditching the classics for years and Schiti is ready to take his place at the top of the industry.

4 Action Comics Proves Superman Isn’t Boring

action comics has improved with each issue, and 2022 has seen it revved up with its quality. Writers Philip Kennedy Johnson and Shawn Aldridge and artists Riccardo Federici, Will Conrad, Adriana Melo, Brent Peeples and David Lapham wowed everyone with the main story and backups. In particular, the Warworld saga paid dividends for this book.

Pitting Superman and the Authority against Mongul and his forces, the Warworld saga has rekindled interest in Superman. It’s an action-packed, lore-rich book about Warworld, and offers everything readers want in a Superman book.

3 X-Men Red is a clinic for other X-Men books

The X-Men have always been revolutionary and Red X-Men maintained this reputation. Writer Al Ewing and artists Stefano Caselli, Juann Cabal, Andrés Genolet and Michael Sta. Maria chronicles the battle between the Brotherhood (Storm, Magneto, and the Fisher King) and X-Men Red-endorsed mutant traitor Abigail Brand’s SWORD on the mutant world Arakko.

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The X-Men and science fiction have always gone hand in hand. Ewing understands this and so far has done what he does best in Red X-Men, blending science fiction and superheroes to provide interesting narratives. All four numbers by regular artist Caselli, out of the five that have come out, are stellar, and the supporting team has done a great job as well.

2 Batman was doing well, then the new creative team took him to the stratosphere

Batman is the greatest vigilante in comics, with Batman constantly being a massive seller. 2022 began with an interim creative team of writer Josh Williamson and artist Jorge Molina, giving readers a look back at batman inc. before DC announced a sensational new creative team. Artist Jorge Jiménez returned and was joined by writer Chip Zdarsky, who has been in tears at Marvel and Image for years.

Batman #125 was the team’s first issue, and it electrified readers. Zdarsky and Jiménez proved a successful team like few others, and fans were left thrilled with what they had in store. Batman fatigue can be very real, but with a creative team like this, it quickly disappears.

1 Immortal X-Men is the perfect flagship for the X-Men line

Since the departure of writer Jonathan Hickman, x-men didn’t exactly set the world on fire. It became a seminal book without a veil, and the line seemed aimless until Immortal X-Men fall. Written by Kieron Gillen with illustrations by Lucas Werneck and Michele Bandini, the book focused on the Silent Council, the powerful mutants who rule Krakoa.

So far, Gillen has used each issue to advance storylines while deepening the characters that make up the Council. Each issue features excellent writing and the art of Werneck and Bandini remains phenomenal. The Quiet Council has finally come to light has been wonderful, and this book is perfect.

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