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Sanjay Raina’s Who am I will be released in Jammu on Saturday.

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Jammu, April 2: On the release of the film Who Am I Here today, Dr. Rohit Koul, Director and CEO of People’s Hut Foundation said, “As a Kashmiri Pandit community, the tears of leaving our own land, the sadness of facing exodus, we Kashmiri Pandits are still united to revive our language, our cultural traditions and our literature”. As a community where each of us faces identity crisis, “Who Am I” is always working to pass on our literature, culture, language and traditions to our next generation.
Dr. Koul said the film “WHO AM I” won numerous awards and accolades and included an “Honourable Mention” at the 2022 Athens International Art Film Monthly Festival, Diana Cinema Perikleous 14, Marousi Athens, Attica, Greece. The film has three official selections in the category of “The Lift-off Global Sessions” 2022 awards.
Tarun Uppal, President of the Nirbhay Bharat Foundation, said ‘Who am I’ just isn’t three words, it’s just not the pain of three generations, it’s the pain of about seven generations and perhaps many more generations to come, depicted in the style where every image, every shot speaks of the life of the pundits of Kashmir, the voices you will hear are heartfelt pains and joys, the music you listen to speaks of our development in life. As a filmmaker, As a Kashmiri Pandit, Sanjay Raina and thousands of KPs have experienced every moment of pain and happiness and every shot in the film is a representation of how he and other Kashmiri Pandits feel worldwide.
Rajan Gupta, Chairman of Sarv Shakti Sena State, while talking about the producer and director of the film Sanjay Raina, said that he is an internationally award-winning filmmaker and one of the new generation filmmakers based in New Delhi professionally affiliated with the media as a filmmaker.
Sanjay Raina, director and producer of the film, also spoke on the occasion and said Who am I is an experimental film which shows how Kashmiri Pundits revived their language, culture, traditions and literature.

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