I had to buy the ticket for my own movie on the black market: Sariful Razz

Still image of “Poran”. Photo: Collected


Still image of “Poran”. Photo: Collected

As “Poran” enters its 8th week, the number of theaters for the film keeps increasing to meet the demand from the public. Since most tickets for “Poran” are sold out, some viewers opted to buy tickets on the black market.

Sariful Razz and the film’s director, Raihan Rafi, were forced to buy tickets for Friday’s 6 p.m. show of “Poran” on the black market. No tickets were available at the cinema box office.

Sariful Razz posted a video of the incident on his official Facebook account on Friday with the caption, “In my life, I’ve bought black market tickets to watch many movies. As ‘Poran’ enters its 8th week, I couldn’t. I can’t believe my eyes that I had to buy tickets for the show at the Madhumita cinema in the dark, with the director of the film.”

The actor and director looked unrecognizable in the video, wearing masks to cover their faces. Razz also sported a black cap to hide his long, curly hair. The two bargained with the black market vendors and brought four “Poran” tickets for 250 each.

Along with local theaters, “Poran” was also recently released in Australia, where tickets for the film have been pre-booked. The film is also set to be released in three European countries next month.

Director Raihan Rafi, which features Yash Rohan, Bidya Sinha Mim, Sariful Razz, Rosey Siddiqui, Shahiduzzaman Selim and Nasir Uddin Khan, will also soon be released in multiple theaters across the United States.

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