5 essential books by George Orwell

5 essential books by George Orwell

August 17, 2022, 8:30 p.m.
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If you are interested in politics and culture, these books are for you.

Popularly known for his poetry, novels, literary criticism, and essays on issues of language, literature, culture, and politics, George Orwell is one of the most influential authors of the 20th century.

In addition to fighting against totalitarianism and social injustice, Orwell also critically influenced our contemporary conception of reality.

Here are five must-read books from the Indian-born, England-raised author.

Published in 1945, this timeless classic by Orwell is a political satire that deals with the corruption of socialist ideals in the Soviet Union, a totalitarian system and the tyranny of Joseph Stalin.

The story revolves around a group of animals led by pigs who protest their exploitation by humans.

In the end, the pigs become heartless and establish a tyrannical system just like humans.

Published in 1949, this dystopian social science fiction revolves around themes of censorship, freedom and propaganda explored through Big Brother’s motivations and control.

The story is about Winston Smith, a lowly Party member who is forced to conform to Party norms.

With party leader Big Brother controlling people’s lives, Winston wishes to rebel against the rules.

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Published in 1938, this autobiographical novel recounts Orwell’s personal experiences in Spain, fighting in the Spanish Civil War for the Republican Army’s POUM militia.

Originally, Orwell traveled to Spain to report on the conflict, but ended up volunteering and was eventually charged with treason.

The story shows how Orwell continued to fight for the workers’ cause despite risking his life.

Published in 1935, A priest’s daughter revolves around the story of Dorothy Hare, the daughter of a widowed religious priest, whose life changes after suffering an attack of amnesia.

Suddenly, Dorothy finds herself lost in London with no place to stay.

The story revolves around how she struggles to rebuild her life while encountering several problems including social inequality and corruption.

Published in 1939, this novel deals with themes of war, conformity, nostalgia, memory and loss.

The story revolves around a 45-year-old husband, father, and insurance salesman, George Bowling, who contemplates World War I.

He tries to escape his dreary life and visits his hometown of Lower Binfield to learn about the changes that have taken place there.

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