Local author wants to inspire change through new books

Aspiring local author Melisha Singh recently celebrated the launch of her inspirational books “Visitations Of The Holy Kind” and “Time To Love You” at the Savera Hotel in Kharwastan this weekend.

The 36-year-old had just published her very first novel earlier this month, “Time To Love You,” which was Singh’s idea of ​​a romantic fiction, with a local twist.

Her second attempt at a novel saw a turning point in the genre and subject matter as “Visitations Of A Holy Kind” focuses on her real-life experiences after being involved in a car accident.

“The vehicle, which hit me from the rear, was written off, while mine had barely a scratch. As a result of this, I began to have dreams of Jesus Christ, each of which is written in a specific chapter of the book. Dream visions are based on encounters with Jesus that have helped me in my own personal experiences, with visions of healing, awakening and activation of the holy spirit, ”Singh shared.

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Despite studying for a Bachelor of Commerce degree, Singh always had a flair for writing, so much so that at school she became the co-editor of her school’s newspaper.

Additionally, she claims that one of the main reasons behind writing this book was to motivate people and help them restore their faith in God in the wake of the pandemic.

She explained, “Due to COVID-19, many people are emotionally and financially exhausted. We have lost loved ones, and as a result, many have lost their faith. Through this book, I want them to believe that God exists, and to help people believe that in all circumstances, God will be with them until the end. This will provide many answers to the unanswered questions that people may have, especially those who have lost their faith and have seen the world as a mundane environment. My original goal was to write fiction books, hence ‘Time To Love You’, but life took me on a different journey, and I couldn’t be happier with the result – with a second edition can -be on the horizon.

Singh’s advice to the community is to dream big and work towards making goals a reality without holding back, as every step towards achieving a goal will result in a prosperous future.

She would also like to warmly thank her brother and mentor, Adheesh Singh, as well as her parents, who motivated her to reach great heights.

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