Wes Craven’s exodus from a community launched his love for movies

As a child, Wes Craven grew up in a very religious family. In an interview for Le Front, Craven (who died in 2015) explained: “I grew up in the Baptist church, so no listening to records or movies, with alcohol, dancing and everything else.” He was only allowed to watch Disney moviesand because of this, he initially dreamed of one day becoming an animator for the titan of super successful animation. “I’ve seen every Disney movie that’s come out,” he says. “I drew and drew and drew.”

Eventually, however, Craven’s attention began to shift. He began to develop an interest in writing, and when he first went to college, he decided to pursue a major in literature. “I was a major student and no one in my family ever went to college, so I was kind of weird,” he says. This passion for literature and writing continued for many years, and Craven eventually earned two master’s degrees in philosophy and literature. He told the Front:

“A friend of mine told me that a master’s degree allows you to teach in college. I said, ‘Really! So I applied to several universities, and that’s how my whole life was in the beginning, blindly following instincts and leads. I didn’t get anywhere and was trained to sell rare coins in a department store in Baltimore.

However, his interest in rare coins was purely for financial gain. His real passion was still to become a writer. That is until he finally starts watching non-Disney movies for the first time in his adult life.

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