Vikram Veda Versus Ponniyin Selvan, which film has the advantage this week? Trade experts step in

Akshaye Rathi (Film Presenter): “I think Ponniyin Selvan and Vikram Vedha are going to conquer the box office, albeit in different parts of the country. In Tamil Nadu, the opening of PS1 will be historic because the Tamil author and the novel the film is based on are so ironic to Tamil literature. It is as prevalent in Tamil Nadu as Ramayan and Mahabharat. Moreover, the visual spectacle that Mani Ratnam is bound to provide, will ensure a solid audience for Mani Ratnam’s films. As for VV, two phenomenal actors starring in it and two phenomenal directors directing it, I’m sure this Friday will be a delight for moviegoers across the country and therefore the box office.

Amod Mehra (Business Expert): “As there is no buzz about Ponniyin Selvan 1 (PS1), the film will struggle to register its presence in its Hindi version. Vikram Vedha (VV) is far ahead and is the one of the most anticipated films of this year. With a stunning performance by Hrithik Roshan, the film will become a big hit.

Girish Johar (Producer, Business Analyst): “PS has strong traction in the Southern region and will be off to a good start there. Stalwarts in the cast and helmed by Mani Sir is a huge set up. The film looks very exciting and promising. And it also comes out in multiple languages. This will help expand its reach at the box office. the tracking of the film is very good. It is a remake of the original by the same makers Pushkar-Gayatri. I’m so sure they did a wonderful job with the Hindi version as well. Hrithik Roshan is a HUGE star and everything he posts gets huge traction. I can’t wait to see fireworks on screen and at the box office this weekend.

Atul Mohan (Business Analyst): “VV has a definite edge over PS1. Hrithik Roshan on the big screen after a long time, multistar, dialogue baazi, mass appeal, trailer appreciation, etc. It’s all in favor of VV so far.PS1, on the other hand, has not garnered any buzz in the Hindi belt.VV being a pure Hindi movie will definitely be presented better than PS1 in North India.

Kishan Damani (film distributor, Bihar): “VV has an advantage because of Hrithik’s fame. Hrithik has a very large number of fans and he comes to the screen after a very long time. But I think the PS1 will look better on screen because of the lavish craftsmanship and Mani Ratnam.

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