The film crew spends time in Santa Maria to shoot a short film on Francisco Jiménez | Local News

The history of the Santa Maria Valley, indeed American history, has been marked by the impact that migrant farmers have had here, but rarely, if ever, has their local story been fully told or celebrated.

This week, filming in the fields and public spaces of Santa Maria marked the next step in the on-screen presentation of the memoirs of Francisco Jiménez, an account of migrant life in Santa Maria in the mid-20th century.

“The migrant experience is an important and integral part of the American experience. … It is important for young students to see themselves reflected in literature,” said Jiménez, who, along with his brother, is the namesake of Santa Maria’s Roberto and Dr. Francisco Jiménez Elementary School, known as Jiménez Elementary. school, located off Blosser and Sonya roads on the fast-growing west side of Santa Maria, opened in 2015.

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