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On the occasion of its 10th anniversary, the VLACC presents Latin expressions, a month-long series of arts events, many of which are free, presented in partnership with four of the city’s leading arts groups: the Vancouver International Film Festival; Vancouver Writers Festival; DanceHouse; and Museum of Anthropology.

From October 7 to November 5, the celebration includes film, dance, visual arts, literature and music.

“We have this opportunity to share our lived experience of Latin America through the arts,” says Vieira de Carvalho. “With Latin Expressions, we invite more people to join this conversation.”

At VIFF, the Latin Expressions program is anchored by Fogareu, the Canadian premiere of Brazilian director Flávia Neves’ feature debut. The filmmaker will be on hand for a post-show Q&A during the October 7 screening, while the film will also air on October 9. (See here for Stir’s review.)

“Latin America is not even a geographical or political concept,” says Vieira de Carvalho. “It has 20 to 32 countries, depending on how you count them. There is so much diversity, but at the same time so many points of contact, with many countries having gone through dictatorship or colonization. So when we look at something like Fogareu, there is so much intersectionality. All sorts of situations are played out related to colonization, toxic masculinity… It’s universal in the Latin American way.

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