KSA celebrates the digital archiving of over a million films and audio documents

The Saudi Broadcasting Authority announced the preservation of 1.4 million films and radio material. The process had been done manually for decades before the materials were digitally preserved.

According to Arab News, his announcement coincided with International Archives Day, celebrated annually on June 9.

The SBA is home to 500,000 television shows and 900,000 radio shows covering the Kingdom’s history.

This step will be marked by the launch of a digital platform that will allow people to access historical and contemporary documents archived on the country.

Saudi Arabia, as part of its digital transformation, has IT and communications resources dedicated to archival preservation. The authorities that are partnering to carry out this initiative are the King Abdulaziz Foundation for Research and Archives (Darah), the National Center for Archives and Archives and the SBA. Darah’s mission is the archiving of all forms of Saudi and Islamic heritage, literature, historical and geographical sources found in paper, photographs, film and audio. As for the NACR, its function is to develop a system to ensure that the archives are in place and organized.

The SBA tweeted: “This is the paper trail of human activity, an indispensable legacy from generation to generation. It is the memory of past events, and the witness that we cannot do without.

We look forward to seeing other initiatives celebrating documentary culture and preservation.

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