Kangana Ranaut Says Tusshar Kapoor Is Her Biggest Film Industry Supporter – Deets Inside

According to her, Tusshar Kapoor is the biggest supporter of Kangana Ranaut in the film industry. She spoke after introducing him to Lock Upp, her reality show. Tusshar appeared on Lock Upp with his sister, showrunner Ekta Kapoor, to commemorate the show’s 300 million views. They also commemorated the fifth anniversary of Ekta’s digital portal, Alt Balaji.

Tusshar entered the prison and introduced himself to all the candidates. Ekta addressed him as Tushki and welcomed him on the show while Tusshar said, “I knew Mandana was mischievous. But coming here… I feel like I’m at Madame Tussauds and the statues have all come to life.

Tusshar then told Kangana, “Thank you, I was so looking forward to talking to you and watching Ekta in my pet peeve.” Ekta then said she was happy to welcome her to the show. of my favourites. I always tweet him after watching his movies,” Tusshar said.

Kangana smiled as she responded by saying, “I mean this, I don’t have a bigger supporter in this industry than Tusshar. In this whole film industry, he supports me so much. It’s incredible. Even in all kinds of fights I have with people in the film industry and Tusshar is the first to support me. Tusshar joined his hands and thanked Kangana saying, “How sweet!”

Tusshar interacted with the contestants and discussed his new book, Bachelor Dad, during the show. He also rewarded a copy of his book to Munawar Faruqui and told him, “At least you accept that you are a single father. Believe me, it’s cool.

The actor recently made an appearance at the Dehradun Literature Festival which is currently taking place. The actor was in town to promote his book ‘The Bachelor Dad,’ in which he discussed the pros and cons of being a single dad.

Tusshar discussed his decision to become a single father and the challenges that came with it during his DLF session. He said: “It’s as easy or as difficult for any parent. The trick is to be a good parent. It’s difficult but ultimately it’s a joy. You get that satisfaction from going through all those challenges after becoming a parent.

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