Kalki Koechlin and Deepti Naval signed on for dementia film ‘Goldfish’

Indian actresses Kalki Koechlin and Deepti Naval will star in the upcoming film “Goldfish” directed by cinematographer Pushan Kripalani. The film will explore the subject of dementia.

The film follows the story of Anamika, a half-Indian, half-English woman, who returns home to the UK, to deal with her mother’s dementia and the scars of her childhood.

“It’s very difficult to make independent cinema, because it’s not easy to finance and it took me all this time to get to make this film. I feel that dealing with larger issues is not possible than looking at the smallest parts of human relationships. I think my job is to move the human conversation forward and it was a wonderful way to try to do that,” Kripalani told Variety.

Kripalani returns to the director’s chair seven years after his acclaimed directorial debut “The Threshold.”

“Dementia is also going to be one of the biggest concerns over the next decade or two. I think everyone soon will be if they haven’t already had contact with someone with dementia. this disease,” added Kripalani.

According to Variety, the cast also includes Gordon Warnecke, Rajit Kapur and Bharti Patel.

Naval told Variety: “It didn’t take me much research for this role because I knew someone with dementia – that’s part of my personal experience. I knew someone close to me suffering from dementia. So when I read the part, I thought it was my chance to play something I’ve experienced up close.”

She added: “Dementia is a very common condition in old age, so it’s not something rare or unusual – we see it all around.”

“It’s something we’ve experienced in the older people around us, it’s not something hard to imagine. It’s by observing life around us. It’s by knowing the older people of our family and knowing how their behaviors may differ from us,” she said. added later.

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