Ernie Hudson would like a Ghostbusters movie to take place in India

Earlier this year we wrote about Phone Bhootan upcoming Indian Hindi-language horror film that will be released next month that has drawn some comparisons to ghost hunters thanks to a poster design that appears to have been heavily inspired by the Bill Murray-led 1984 comedy, as well as the 2016 reboot.

While researching this article, it was a bit surprising to remember once again that there was no Bollywood version yet on ghost huntersespecially considering the long list of Hollywood blockbusters that have been remade in India, with examples such as Home alone, Superman, and more recently Forrest Gump.

With Ghostbusters: Afterlife Scheduled for Indian audiences on English Movie Channel & Flix later this week, star Ernie Hudson has made the rounds in the media, as a new interview with India today sees Hudson talk not just about wanting to make a Hindi film, but about the possibility of one ghost hunters located in India.

“I would so love to be in a Hindi movie. I would love to come to India first. We see things in movies and read about it in literature. But to experience it first hand…and I don’t haven’t had the opportunity to come to India yet and to have the honor of working in an Indian film would be something I would absolutely love. I still hope and the possibility is still there. I would love to do a new Ghostbusters game in India.

Hudson also explained how much his character, Winston Zeddemore, changed between the events of the 1984 film and Ghostbusters: Afterlifesaying:

“He got older, he stopped being a ghost hunter… He became a successful businessman, but he loves being a ghost hunter. In the movie, when the world is threatened, he puts on the jumpsuit and comes back there.

Speaking of putting on the jumpsuit, Hudson also recounted the touching moment of being on set again with comedy legends Dan Aykroyd and Bill Murray, mentioning that he was not only honored, but the moment had him. left emotional.

“For me, I had reached a point where I wasn’t sure they would do another Ghostbusters movie and when Jason Reitman sent me the script, I was really excited. Once I got there, I put on the jumpsuit and saw Bill Murray, Dan Aykroyd, I felt very moved and honored to visit the people I love and respect and having the chance to do another Ghostbusters was very exciting .

Ghostbusters: Afterlife will air on &flix and Zee channels on September 25th.

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