East Longmeadow teenager seeks help publishing books

EAST LONGMEADOW, MA (WGGB/WSHM) – An East Longmeadow teenager is seeking help from the community to get his books published.

“He’s just over the moon and he’s in his element when he’s writing,” said Cheryl Diaz.

Diaz is seeking help from the community to publish books written by her 14-year-old son, Javien Lugo, who was diagnosed with autism spectrum disorder at age eight.

“Anyone who is willing to reach out and give some advice and some pointers,” Diaz explained.

Western Mass News spoke exclusively with the mother-son duo. Diaz told us that once the books are edited and printed, she plans to contact local libraries to exhibit her son’s work.

“It’s really cool because kids my age can enjoy seeing what people their age are able to do like writing stories,” Lugo explained.

Diaz told Western Mass News that her son started writing his first book when he was in seventh grade and now he’s on his way.

“I just noticed that it was a bit more than your average kid should write and I just feel like he has such a wide imagination so I started reaching out to people and so many people have been so responsive,” Diaz added.

As a teenage author with sensory and social emotional issues, Lugo told us that writing science fiction stories was an escape from the real world.

“With some bad things going on in life, I feel like writing it as a complete disconnect from those bad things,” Lugo explained.

Her mother echoed that sentiment.

“He did it all on his own, like he wasn’t someone saying he wanted to try this one day. I just went and it was on the computer. He said “mom I’m writing a story” so I noticed when he’s there he’s calm and focused and he’s collective and the end result is just amazing how his imagination and his mind can go so far into science fiction,” Diaz noted.

However, writing is not Lugo’s only talent. His mother told us that he was always top of the class and had received numerous academic achievement awards.

“It’s just an incredible gift to see what he’s done and he’s got so much talent and it’s an incredible joy to have and I just wanted to share that with people,” Diaz said.

Diaz said that whatever his son tries, he achieves beyond and he won’t stop until he does it, like the infamous Rubik’s Cube. Lugo showed Western Mass News that he could complete the puzzle in under 90 seconds.

As for what’s next for Lugo, he said, “When I graduate, I’m going to go to UMass for architecture and writing maybe because mom said I do good stories.”

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