Duolingo launches maths app to speed up education in the UK

Duolingo announced the launch of its long-awaited Maths app.

The Duolingo Maths app provides a free and universally accessible tool with two different learning options:

  • Students can focus on primary level mathematics covering class topics
  • Adults looking to hone their everyday math skills/improve overall brain health may choose to focus on brain training – covering more advanced topics

A new Duolingo study conducted ahead of the app’s launch revealed global attitudes towards math:

  • 30% of people prefer to join a real life squid game than taking a three-hour math test
  • More than a third (34%) say they struggled with math in primary school
  • Parents who struggled with math earlier in life are twice as likely being frustrated, stressed or embarrassed doing math with their children, compared to parents who did not
  • In Britain specifically, Duolingo data showed: 30% of British men rate maths as their favorite subject compared to 13% of British women, who preferred reading and art, to 18% respectively

The offer builds on Duolingo’s mission to make education freely available and to create engaging learning environments using playful techniques such as: animations, interactive exercises, characters that encourage learners throughout the course.

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