Brandon Sanderson Secret Novels – 4 New Books Coming in 2023

Brandon Sanderson has proven he’s the most prolific genre writer working today with the surprise reveal that he wrote five secret novels during quarantine. Four of them are “adult sci-fi/fantasy” titles and three of those novels will tie into Sanderson’s connected universe known as Cosmere. The fifth is a mid-level novel that Sanderson wrote for his children, which will become a graphic novel. It is unknown when the graphic novel will be released. But we’re still getting four new Brandon Sanderson novels in 2023. We don’t yet know the titles or summaries of those stories, because Sanderson likes to keep a mystery alive. But we do know that they will be available through a special subscription box that Brandon Sanderson has set up via Kickstarter.

Four Brandon Sanderson secret novels in 2023

Sanderson wants to surprise his fans even more when they read the stories. In that vein, he releases them in an unusual way. Fans will be able to sign up for a subscription box from Brandon Sanderson, on Kickstarter, and have all four secret novels delivered quarterly in 2023. Along with these new titles, the author is promising merchandise and other related goodies. at Cosmere in the subscription. wrap.

In a video posted on his YouTube channel, Brandon Sanderson initially took on a dark tone. He began by apologizing and admitted that he lied to his fans. But this bait and switch was only to reveal the first secret novel he wrote during quarantine. Sanderson says the project started when he decided to write a story for his wife Emily. It was supposed to be a secret story, just for her. But then she read it and told him he needed to share it with the world. Of course, that snowballed, and Sanderson wrote four more novels. As Sanderson himself said, “If you leave me alone long enough, I’ll start telling stories.” It is a mathematical constant.

The extra time during quarantine allowed Sanderson to write

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The author turned on professor mode to explain how quarantine gave him time to work on all these projects. Using pie charts, he showed how many trips he took in 2019. Sanderson is extremely involved with his fans and has a hard time turning down invitations to fan conventions and events. Much of his time throughout 2019 was spent traveling and he was starting to burn out. Then the pandemic hit and his travel days were drastically reduced. So, with so much free time, what else can prolific author Brandon Sanderson do but write five secret novels?

Brandon Sanderson also says he was rejuvenated by the writing process, since he wasn’t locked into a big series like The Stormlight Archive. The author always planned to write standalone stories throughout his career, exploring the depths of Cosmere. Indeed, he has already done this with novels like dawnshard and The Emperor’s Soul. But this is the first time he has had the time and freedom to write full novels, while working on the next installments of his ongoing series.

A subscription box is available for fans willing to read the new work

Stormlight Way of Kings Archives Cover of The Way of Kings (Book #1 of The Stormlight Archive) by Michael Whelan | Image via Tor/Forge

Fans can sign up for the subscription box by backing the Kickstarter that Brandon Sanderson started. He envisions the books coming to fans every few months, much like a book club. And he wants readers to go blind, knowing nothing about each book except the fact that they were written by Brandon Sanderson, and he thinks they’re “awesome.”

Throughout 2023, Sanderson will be talking about the books on social media as they’re released, answering fan Q&As and revealing the secrets of his process. All four adult novels by Brandon Sanderson will be released on Kickstarter. However, fans will have to wait a little longer for the graphic novel. In the meantime, Sanderson is hard at work revising these top-secret novels. And yes, he is still working on the next book of The Stormlight Archive. as well as another Born of the Mists book, and the next episode of his YA series Toward the sky. I suspect the man never sleeps.

What do we know about Brandon Sanderson’s secret books?

Brilliant Words cover Cover of Words of Radiance (Stormlight Archive #2) by Michael Whelan | Image via Tor/Forge

Cosmere’s three secret novels will be set “on new worlds” in Brandon’s Connected Universe. Though he promises one of them is about a character readers already know, but never had his own standalone story told. The non-Cosmere title will be “something completely different” from what fans have come to expect from the fantasy author. Throughout March, Sanderson will preview these secret novels on his Youtube page. He will reveal titles and do readings from the first chapters of each book while trying to keep the mystery alive.

Brandon Sanderson Secret Novels Image via Kickstarter from the author

So far, Brandon Sanderson has only released the (provisional) cover of these four secret novels due out in 2023. Based on this image, we can only wildly speculate what these books will contain. One looks like a mermaid, another looks like a steampunk wizard. Number 3 looks like someone getting lost in portals between worlds (Hoid?). And the fourth looks extremely disturbing and looks like a nuclear war. That’s my first impression, of course, we’ll have to wait and see what each book is actually about. As Brandon Sanderson reminds us, he just loves a good plot. And this one was certainly unexpected for his fans (albeit extremely unsurprising).

Fans can sign up for a subscription box via Kickstarter for early access to Brandon Sanderson’s four secret novels. Titles will be released to fans in January, April, July, and October 2023. They will then be available from traditional publishers as print and e-books. Of course, we’ll be keeping an eye out for the details of these secret Brandon Sanderson novels as we learn more.

Stormlight Archive Swearbearer Cover of Oathbringer (Stormlight Archive #3) by Michael Whelan | Image via Tor/Forge

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