BMW’s new paint film alerts drivers to scratches

BMW could use a “scratch-sensitive conductive skin”, which, when punctured or abraded, detects a change in current.

BMW has reportedly filed a patent for a new paint protection film, which detects and alerts a driver when their car is scratched.

According to media reports, patent literature indicates that the new system originated in China, where older cities lack the infrastructure to support the growing number of vehicles on the road. This leads to tight parking and driving situations, increasing the risk of scratches.

Reports indicate that BMW may be using a “scratch-sensitive conductive skin”, which, when punctured or abraded, detects a change in current, immediately alerting the driver. The change in current could also allow different cameras to try to capture the cause of the scratch.

The details of how the car alerts the driver vary. According to reports, if the car is in motion, the vehicle will alert the driver by sending audio and visual signals. On the other hand, if a scratch occurs when the car is parked away from the driver, a wireless alert could be sent to his smartphone.

Reports, however, indicate that BMW has yet to obtain this patent. However, even if it is patented, this does not guarantee that future cars will be equipped with this technology.

Source: TheDrive

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