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Contemporary fiction, 272 pages

A a young American Palestinian woman searches for her true identity.

Released in May 2020 via Custom House (HarperCollins)
Gothic fiction, 320 pages

Graduate studies in an old house in the woods.

Released in June 2020 via Alfred A. Knopf (Random House of Penguins)

Contemporary fiction, 320 pages
Three lives cross after a terrorist attack in India.

The year of grace by Kim Liggett
Released in October 2019 via Mercredi Books (Macmillan)
YA Dystopia, 416 pages

The Handmaid’s Tale meets The hunger Games.

Released in May 2020 via Berkley (Penguin Random House)

Contemporary fiction, 384 pages

A New York playgroup with a dark secret.

Released in January 2020 via Riverhead Books (Penguin Random House)
Literary fiction, 496 pages

A cop searches for his missing sister who is battling drug addiction.

Released in June 2019 via Crown Publishing Group (Random Penguin House)
Sci-fi thriller, 336 pages

Travel through time through memories in the midst of a collapsing reality.

Released in September 2020 via Nancy Paulsen Books (Random Penguin House)
College fiction, 176 pages

How a family spends its glory days.

Released in September 2020 via Simon & Schuster

Poetry, 128 pages

The first collection of poems expected from musician Lana Del Rey.

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