10 amazing books made into a TV series

Books are one of the oldest forms of entertainment available to consumers, yet they are still at the forefront of creative and original ideas. Television has been dominated by an onslaught of reboots, revivals and franchises. That means it’s hard to come up with an original premise for a TV show. Television creatives delved into the diverse and authentic literary world to bring these stories to the screen.

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While it could be argued that the adaptations aren’t entirely original TV shows, book fans are still cautiously excited to see their favorite novel come to life on screen. An exciting slate of book-to-TV adaptations are set to debut in the months and years to come.

10/10 The Atlas Six is ​​a sensational story

A split image of the Prime Video logo and The Atlas Six book cover.

Olivie Blake’s novel The Atlas Six started out as a self-published work, but became a TikTok sensation overnight and has been reposted traditionally. It was announced this year that Amazon had won the rights to the television adaptation of The Atlas Six after a competitive bidding war. Olivie Blake, real name Alexene Farol Follmuth, has signed an executive producing contract with Tanya Seghatchian and John Woodward, whose production studio Brightstar is working with Amazon to produce this project.

It will likely be years before fans see this series come to life, but fans are eagerly waiting. The Atlas Six is full of hidden knowledge, competition, flawed magicians and a secret society with a bloody legacy. Like its predecessor in novel form, this series should make a splash.

9/10 Kindred is an empowering adaptation choice

Promotional image for the upcoming Kindred series on FX/Hulu.

Kinship is based on the outstanding 1979 novel of the same name by science fiction legend Octavia Butler. The premise follows an aspiring black writer named Dana who involuntarily and constantly travels back in time between her current life and a 19th century plantation.

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Dana must find the answers she seeks within herself to stop this nightmare she is trapped in. The showrunner is Branden Jacobs-Jenkins from watchmen fame, and actress Mallori Johnson watches Dana. The novel is heartbreaking and incredibly clever at exploring generational trauma within the black community and how it works in race relations. It will be exciting to see how these themes are conveyed on screen. Kinship premieres December 13, 2022 on Hulu.

8/10 Mayfair Witches is a classic scary story

Promotional image for the Mayfair Witches television adaptation of the Anne Rice series.

Anne Rice may be known for her vampire series, even having a popular TV adaptation of her Interview with a Vampire serial debut this year. However, its lesser-known witches finally have their time to shine. A TV show based on his book series The life of the witches of Mayfair airs January 8, 2023 on AMC. Witches of Mayfair follows a family of witches as they are attacked by an evil being who has been determined to destroy this family for generations and afflict them with darkness.

The creative team consists of writers and executive producers Esta Spalding and Michelle Ashford and is produced by Mark Johnson. Additionally, Alexandra Daddario will play the main character, Dr. Rowan Fielding. If the creative direction of Interview with the Vampire was any indication, this AMC Anne Rice adaptation will include all of the gore and shocking themed content from the book series.

7/10 Alex Cross is action-packed and emotional

Aldis Hodge, who recently starred as Alex Cross in the adaptation of James Patterson's book.

While James Patterson has an absurdly extensive bibliography of varying quality, his Alex Cross book series is one of his surefire hits. Amazon Prime Video is behind the revival, titled To cross, and actor Aldis Hodge was cast in the title role. His character is a skilled detective and forensic psychologist who is emotionally damaged by the murder of his wife.

Hodge has shown great creativity in his past projects, so it’s almost certain that he will succeed in this role.Burn Notice Ben Watkins is bringing this show to life, and Hodge will be working on and off camera as a producer.

6/10 Daisy Jones & The Six is ​​unique and starry

The cast and crew behind the scenes of the filming of Daisy Jones and The Six.

Author Taylor Jenkins Reid is one of the most popular authors of literary fiction novels today. For seasoned readers, it’s no surprise that a television adaptation of Daisy Jones and the six was announced as an adaptation by Amazon Prime Video. The novel is a fictional documentary-style chronicle of the winding career of a famous group similar to Fleetwood Mac.

The cast is star-studded with a roster of actors including Riley Keough, Camila Morrone, Sam Claflin and Suki Waterhouse. Behind the camera, Scott Neustadter and Michael H. Weber wrote the series. They will serve as executive producers, with Reese Witherspoon, Lauren Neustadter, and Taylor Jenkins Reid also serving as producers on this project. The show ended in May 2022 and will soon arrive in the Prime Video catalog.

5/10 Percy Jackson and the Olympians are magical and spiritual

Walker Scobell as Percy Jackson in Percy Jackson and the Olympians.

The Disney+ TV adaptation of Percy Jackson and the Olympians is a long-awaited second chance for fans of this series of books, whose film adaptation did not live up to expectations. The series adaptation was greenlit in January 2022, with Rick Riordan announced as one of several writers and Jonathan E. Steinberg and Dan Sholtz serving as showrunners.

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Casting announcements have drawn a lot of attention, with young star Walker Scobell as lead character and demigod Percy Jackson, Aryan Simhadri as Satyr Grover Underwood, and Leah Sava Jeffries as demigod Annabeth Chase. Jeffries received racist backlash from fans over a black actress cast as a whitepaper character, but received support from Riordan and his fellow cast members. The series will debut in 2024.

4/10 The Fall of House Usher is Flanagan’s next big horror series

A promotional poster of Netflix's The Fall Of The House Of The Usher.

Filmmaker Mike Flanagan is one of the big names in 21st century horror, and his next horror series for Netflix is ​​based on the works of another master of horror. Flanagan adapts Edgar Allan Poe’s short story Jthe fall of house usher in a television series of the same name while including details of Poe’s other famous short stories.

Flanagan’s series casts actors who have starred in his other series, such as Carla Gugino, Rahul Kohli and Kate Siegel. It also brings in some hard-hitting new faces, such as Mark Hamill and Mary McDonnell. Flanagan has rarely let his viewers down, and this haunting new series is unlikely to be any different.

3/10 The Final Girl Support Group is a fresh take on classic horror

The Final Girl Support Group book cover and executive producer Charlize Theron.

Charlize Theron goes behind the camera to develop Grady Hendrix’s novel The Last Girls Support Group for the HBO Max television streaming service with Andy and Barbra Muschietti. The novel’s premise centers on a therapeutic support group of horror “final girls” who survived terrifying attacks and massacres, which left them mildly famous and scarred for life.

When one of the survivors is murdered, the other final girls must band together to protect themselves once again. This project contains compelling topical social commentary on how true crime is almost fetishized by consumers, with no regard for the victims of these cases. No casting or release date has been announced, but fans of the original novel are eagerly awaiting this project.

2/10 The Inheritance Games is a twisty and confusing mystery story

Prime Video logo and The Inheritance Games book cover.

Jennifer Lynn Barnes’ Novel YA legacy games is a popular book in the YA genre, so it was no surprise that a TV series was also announced in the works. Amazon Prime Video will launch the series on its platform, with executive production by Josh Berman.

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The premise follows an eccentric billionaire who leaves his fortune to an unrelated teenage girl, so she must solve this man’s riddles and riddles to uncover the truth and fortune, while this billionaire’s true heirs try to make her to fall. This series has all the makings of a real hit once it picks up steam. No casting or release date has been announced at this time.

1/10 The Ninth House is a Dark and Magical Story

Prime Video logo and Ninth House book cover.

Leigh Bardugo has already found success in TV adaptations, with her series shadow and bone being incredibly popular on Netflix. His upcoming series adaptation centers around his adult paranormal novel Ninth Housewhich will be adapted for Amazon Prime Video.

Ninth House centers on a mysterious young woman handpicked by a secret society at Yale to monitor other secret societies and the magical rituals in which they participate. No official or casting details have yet been announced, but Bardugo will be involved in the project as a writer.

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