What makes your transport team ‘burn’ more fuel

What makes your transport team

One of the causes for which the transport equipment can represent a big problem for the companies is the excessive consumption of fuel . Have you thought about how to correct it?


According to the National Energy Balance, the road transport in Mexico – of passengers and cargo – uses 10% of all the country’s energy demand, equivalent to more than 90% of the total consumption of fuel used by motor vehicles. Of that percentage, at least 26% refers to diesel.

Due to environmental, financial and safety issues, good fuel management in transport units is key.


Common mistakes in your transport equipment


  • Lack of driver training. Both in the handling of the vehicle and in the reaction to eventualities.


  • Active engine with stopped vehicle ( idling ). Leaving an engine with the vehicle stopped for more than three minutes affects its efficiency, useful life and increases maintenance costs.


  • Accelerations and speeding. Trucks traveling at 120 kilometers per hour instead of 100 kilometers per hour use 50% more fuel; they also emit 100% more carbon monoxide, 50% more hydrocarbons, and 31% more nitrogen oxides.


  • Over weight. It puts unnecessary stress on your vehicle’s engine and affects fuel efficiency. The elimination of at least 100 pounds of cargo improves mileage per liter.


  • Deflated tires. A properly inflated tire helps save up to two weeks of fuel per year. It preserves the vehicle’s braking system and extends the life of the tire.


  • Lack of maintenance. The implementation of a maintenance system should be a priority, but the reality is another one in Mexico: “only when they begin to be impacted in their sales by fallen equipment or excessively expensive corrective maintenance, do they realize the omission, and in many cases already it’s too late, “says Manuel Rios, supply chain manager at Federal-Mogul Holdings Corporation.


  • Fleet outdated: Whenever possible renews your fleet by more efficient vehicles in fuel consumption. Currently diesel engines are much more efficient and offer better results with current fuels such as ultra low sulfur diesel and biodiesel.


While the cost of capital for new vehicles seems to only raise overall costs, fleets that have been upgraded to new diesel vehicles report considerable savings in maintenance, fuel and productivity per vehicle. Remember that a car has an estimated life of five years.


If the time has come to renew or expand your vehicle fleet, consider the lease of transportation equipment as an option that will allow you to fulfill this purpose.


What benefits does the financial lease offer?


Monthly payments – as well as maintenance and fuel expenses – are deductible, in addition to avoiding decapitalization and allowing initial savings of up to 15% when purchasing vehicles by avoiding payment of enganches.


Crédito Real offers you the possibility of renewing your fleet by leasing transport equipment . Check with our advisors about the options we have for you.

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