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Carrie Mathison. This is the name of the famous character played by American actress Claire Dance in the series “Home”, an innovative and far-sighted story by Showtime that aired from 2011 to 2020. It is already difficult to get rid of such a multifaceted film and complex. character of CIA agent Carrie, who lived with devotion, nostalgia and impartiality, the Danes performed with a rare skill that won her several awards, including two Emmy Awards and two Golden Globe Awards. In short, a role, a series that changes the career path. The curtain falls on “Homeland”, the first project adopted by the Danes is the British series “The Essex Serpent”. Next to her is Shakespearean actor Tom Hiddleston, who is credited with “The Night Manager” (2016) and the character of Loki in the Marvel cycle.

On the edge of the puzzle. London 1893. Cora Seaborn is a rich woman who has just been widowed. A lifelong science enthusiast, she is fascinated by mysterious sightings in Essex County, where a creature of malignant origin is suspected. The woman therefore moves to Colchester, where she meets Deputy Will Ransom. Together they try to solve the mystery…

Advantages and disadvantages. The narrative duo is provided by the novel by Sarah Perry, published in Italy by Neri Buzza. Adapted for the screen, produced by Apple TV+ and See-Saw Films, it is Anna Symon while Clio Barnard directs. The atmosphere is at the crossroads between the 19th and 20th centuries, between urgent modernity, the achievements of science, beliefs and popular superstitions that are more pagan than religious. In rural Victorian England, mysteries and suspicious deaths are quickly identified as manifestations of evil and read as a form of divine punishment. The local fishermen immediately give in to the irrational, trying to accuse a little girl. Reverend Will and researcher Cora attempt to hold the helm of straight reason, which seeks truth in the smoky folds of mystery, even as it collides dangerously with the terrain of sentiment.

The mysterious Gothic atmosphere of the English countryside is sure to triumph in this short series of 6 episodes, almost referencing the classics of 19th century literature, led by Charles Dickens and the Brontë sisters, capable of creating a sociable character and lively for the characters, between drama and lines of feeling. The central role is Cora, a strong and free woman, who believes in science and refuses to indulge in easy superstition, who herself is also spared the violence of her husband. Definitely a modern woman in search of space and the right to expression.

Overall, the story telling follows a mysterious and dramatic path, pushing the limits of horror without overstepping them. The Danes and Hiddleston dominate the scene, creating two layered, tormented and magnetic characters that cannot go unnoticed. “The Essex Serpent” is a complex and problematic series.

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