They request bail for more than 100,000 euros and 5 years in prison for the detainees of 1-O in Madrid

The six young people, arrested a month after the demonstration held in Puerta del Sol in support of the right to decide of the Catalan people, face five and a half years in prison.

Request bail

Request bail

Six young people face penalties of up to five and a half years in prison and the payment of 10,000 euros, between fines and civil liability, for participating in a rally in support of the referendum in Catalonia in Madrid. The court has now also imposed a security deposit of 17,000 euros on each one of them.

The six young people, who are joined by two other minors whose process has been transferred to the juvenile court, participated in a rally in the Puerta del Sol on the same day of the referendum, which had the permission of the Government Delegation and to which, according to the organizers, attended by about 8,000 people. During the demonstration, groups of young people of neo-Nazi ideology came to the same place who, carrying Spanish flags, rebuked the demonstrators. “They showed up at the demonstration and began to rebuke. There were moments of tension “, explains El Salto, one of the people who participated in the Puerta del Sol demonstration.

Some people were identified during the call, but the arrests did not occur until a month later. “On November 2, the Information Brigade unexpectedly arrives at 6:00 am in the family homes of six young people who had been filmed that day and who take us to the Moratalaz police station,” the statement made public by the group says. of detainees, who all count between 21 and 29 years.

“If the facts of which we are accused are true, why did not we stop at the moment?” Asks Daniel García, one of the accused youths

The six young people are accused of crimes of two crimes of aggravating injuries of hate and public disorder, for which the private accusation -given by one of the alleged assaulted- asks for each of them five years and six months in prison, while the Prosecutor’s Office asks for two years in prison and 13 months of a fine of 10 euros a day -3,900 euros- plus an individual civil liability of 7,000 euros. “If the facts that we are accused of are true, why did not we stop at the moment?” Asks Daniel García, one of the accused youths.

Last Thursday, the court confirmed the initiation of the investigation of the judicial process by criminal law and imposed a bond of 17,000 euros each, which can not pay. “They asked us if we had bail and we said that we are all insolvent, we are young, most of them with precarious jobs and living in the parents’ house, unfortunately,” Garcia explains. “We do not have money to be able to have independence, well less to be able to pay for these assemblies,” he adds.

This young man recalls that, on the day of the events, the only permitted concentration was in which they participated, in support of the right to decide of the Catalan people. “His [in reference to the summoned by the far right] was illegal, but even so, there were several moments of tension in which the police, instead of throwing them, went for the people of our demonstration.”

In the case of Daniel García, remember that he was not even long in the demonstration. “I left because I had been in court and, as I leave, the riot police stop me in Callao and they ask me where I’m going, and they tell me that, as something happens, they go after me.”

On November 2, when he was preparing to go to class, the telephone rang in his house. “The police told my mother that they were coming for me, but they did not want to tell her why I was arrested and in the end they told her that it was because of public disorder, that the injuries and crimes of hate have been a posteriori “.

“It is a bit paradoxical that there is an unauthorized counter-demonstration and is allowed by the police, and they end up arresting people they had identified in the legal demonstration, a month later, based on what is not known,” says Erlantz Ibarrondo, attorney for the six young people.

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