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Tencent Reports Over $ 500 Million In In-App Purchase Revenue In October 2021

Posted on November 25, 2021

Tencent is the dominant name for games in China and is even reported as the largest supplier of video games in the world. The Chinese gaming giants also have a stranglehold on the mobile gaming segment, generating big revenues. According to data presented by Safe Betting Sites, in October 2021, Tencent generated $ 513 million in in-app purchases, the largest among mobile game publishers in China and more than double the second-highest number of business generated.

Tencent leads Chinese publishers in app revenue – $ 513 million as of October 2021

Tencent has dominated the Chinese gaming landscape for several years now, and its influence shows little sign of abating. Tencent owns several top mobile games and generates big revenue through in-app purchases. As of October 2021, Tencent’s revenue from in-app purchases of mobile games was approximately $ 513 million. The figure of over half a billion is more than double the next largest in-app revenue generated by competitor NetEase, which generated $ 252 million for the month.

Tencent has also eclipsed the numbers generated by the rest of its Chinese competitors at an astounding rate. Tencent’s revenue from in-app purchases exceeded the combined revenue generated by the rest of the top 10 app-generated revenue after NetEase, second. The rest of the top 10 generated just $ 426 million in in-app purchases, almost $ 90 million below Tencent’s revenue for October 2021.

Tencent also has a head start in downloads – nearly 50 million as of October 2021

As you might expect, Tencent was also the top publisher when it comes to app downloads in China for the month of October 2021. Tencent recorded over 48.65 million downloads for the month, compared to just 9.74 million downloads generated by NetEase, second. Tencent’s dominance is further evidenced by the fact that Tencent apps were downloaded more times in October 2021 than the rest of the top 10 publishers in China combined.

Robert Pascual, eSports editor at Safe Betting Sites, commented:

“Tencent continues to dominate the Chinese gaming landscape and has thus become a global gaming giant. Its smart investments in markets outside of China make Tencent one of the most recognizable names in all games.

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