Scribe and Varuna Announce 2022 Fellows

The 2022 Scribe & Varuna Fellowship recipients have been announced.

The scholarship recipients and their projects are:

  • Sam Elkin for ‘Shapeshifting’
  • Jacqueline Wright for “Beauty and Menace”
  • Nevo Zisin for ‘What we start’.

The Scribe & Varuna Fellowships combine a week-long residency at Varuna, the National House of Writers, with intensive mentorship with Scribe editors.

“The three chosen authors each have a strong and unique voice, creating fully realized characters through vivid language while providing dynamic new perspectives on our present moment,” said David Golding, Scribe Editor. “It’s exciting to see where these characters and stories will go, and we look forward to working with the authors to develop their scripts in Varuna.”

This year’s program focused on literary fiction and received nearly 200 manuscript submissions. The manuscripts were evaluated by authors George Haddad and Mirandi Riwoe, who compiled a shortlist for Scribe’s editorial team, who then selected the winners.

For more information on the residence, see the Varuna website.

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